Company Profile


In the present scenario, corporate social responsibility is not a choice but a necessity. CSR is a key aspect of corporate business at present, and a great example of how global thinking is changing, with more people realising that any long-term future we have, has to be a sustainable one. The company adheres to a strong set of corporate values, and has adopted and implemented a number of corporate responsibility policies and practices.

  • building long lasting relationships with the stakeholders
  • acting ethically and responsibly
  • supporting the needs of communities, investors, government at large, the employees and others

The company believes that a strong commitment to social responsibility can bring about a positive change in the communities in which we live and work. Helping our communities become better is a natural extension of the commitment that we make each and every day to our customers.

The company is taking responsible initiatives that minimize the impact on the environment and help create sustainable communities. The company undertakes its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively manages any risks that may lead to environmental damage.

The company makes an earnest effort to provide opportunities of growth to its employees and enhance their leadership abilities. It also ensures that all the employees of the company balance their work and personal lives, for which they are provided with employee assistance program and a variety of other work-life balance benefits. On-site fitness facilities are given to them to encourage a healthy workforce.

In addition the group has implemented various socio economic developmental activities in and around its operational area.